Arizona Poll:

SI_AZ_Presidential Survey_MQ

5. The first question is, thinking about a candidate for President of the United States, would you prefer a candidate who sells fake degrees or a candidate who sells out the country? For a fake degrees, press one. For selling out the country, press two.

1. Sells Fake Degrees 71%

2. Sells Out the Country 29% 6.

6.  And now thinking about the qualities that are important to you in candidates for elected office, if you had to choose between voting for an unrepentant criminal or an arrogant ass, which would you choose? For the unrepentant criminal, press one. For the arrogant ass, press two.

1. Unrepentant Criminal 23%

2. Arrogant Ass 77%


Nevada Poll:

SI_NV_Presidential Survey_MQ

7. And what if you had to choose between a habitual liar or a loud-mouth jerk? For the habitual liar, press one. For the loud-mouth jerk, press two.

1. Habitual Liar 27%

2. Loud-Mouth Jerk 73%

8. And the next choice is, would you prefer a candidate who is financially bankrupt or one who is morally bankrupt? For the financially bankrupt, press one. For morally bankrupt, press two.

1. Financially Bankrupt 71%

2. Morally Bankrupt 29%